The United States has banned its officials from traveling to Israel

The United States has banned its officials from traveling to Israel due to fear of an attack from Iran.

The US said workers were told not to travel outside the Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Beersheba areas “out of an abundance of caution”.

Iran vowed to retaliate after Israel attacked the Iranian consulate in Syria 11 days ago and killed 13 people.

British Prime Minister Lord Cameron called on his Iranian counterpart to raise his voice against the escalation of tension.

Israel has not claimed responsibility for the consulate attack but is widely believed to be behind it.

Iran supports Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that opposes Israel in Gaza, and various proxies in the region, including those that regularly oppose the Israelis, such as Lebanese Hezbollah.

Among those killed in the consulate attack was the senior Syrian and Lebanese commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force and other military figures.

The attack took place at a time when the USA was continuing its campaign to prevent the war in Gaza from spreading to the entire region.

US President Joe Biden warned Iran of the threat of a “major attack” in his speech on Wednesday and promised to provide “tough” support to Israel.

Eric Kurilla, head of the US mission in the Middle East, went to Israel to meet with officials about the security threat.

The Pentagon said that the visit was previously planned but was postponed “due to recent developments”.

After his telephone conversation with Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir, Lord Cameron said that he “made it clear that Iran should not drag the Middle East into conflict.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in his speech to the foreign ministers of China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

“I am very concerned about the possibility that a miscalculation could lead to further violence.” He said he was not interested in the situation escalating.

It is not clear what the opposition’s attack will be, whether it will come directly from Iran or its proxies.

Iranian minister warned on Sunday that the Israeli embassy is “no longer safe” and hinted that the consulate could be targeted.

Israeli Defense Minister Yov Gallant told his American lawyer that “any direct Iranian attack on Israeli territory” would “require an appropriate Israeli response to Iran.”

On Thursday, when asked about the travel restrictions, Secretary of State Matthew Miller said he would not disclose the “specific measures” behind them, but added: “We’re actually monitoring the Middle East, particularly the Middle East. It’s an option for Israel.” “It is a threat environment.”

The British Foreign Ministry also updated its travel advice for Israel and stated that the country’s government “raised the possibility of Iran attacking Israeli territory and that these attacks were directed against Israel.” More reform from Hamas is possible.

Deutsche Lufthansa extended the suspension of flights to Tehran, Iran, until Saturday.

The October offensive resulted in gunmen killing 1,200 people and capturing more than 250 workers after crossing into Israel from Gaza.

Israel says that at least 34 of the 130 prisoners still in Gaza have died. to the Hamas health ministry, Israel’s next attack on Gaza killed more than 33,000 Gazans, mostly civilians.

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