Biden has proposed banning the export of Chinese electric vehicles to US

President Joe Biden has proposed banning the export of Chinese electric vehicles to the United States.

Senator Sherrod Brown, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, wrote: “China’s electric cars pose a threat to the American auto industry

His words are the strongest from the US legislature on the subject. All others are electric demanded high taxes to exclude vehicles (EVs).

In February, the White House said the United States had launched an investigation into whether Chinese cars pose a threat to national>
Senator Brown, social “We cannot allow China to bring its state-sponsored fraud to the US auto industry,” he said in a video on media platform

The White House did not immediately respond to the BBC’s request for comment.

In February, President Biden said China’s policy “could harm our auto parts market, pose a risk to our national security” and “that you will not allow this to happen under my rule. “It will happen in the future,” he said. The White House said China’s auto technology “can collect a lot of sensitive information about drivers and passengers.”

Internet-connected vehicles “often use cameras and sensors to collect detailed information about US infrastructure, critical warns that “it interacts directly with systems and can be operated or disabled remotely.”

China is the world’s largest automaker and is competing with Japan to become the largest auto exporter.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen During a visit to China this week, he warned Beijing that Washington would not allow a repeat of the “China shock” of the early 2000s, when Chinese imports flooded the US.

In response China’s Deputy Finance Minister Liao Min expressed “serious concern” about US trade and investment restrictions

Mr. Liao said China’s competitive advantage comes from its “large market, successful economy and human wealth”.

Also on Thursday, the largest American companies asked the Biden administration not to approve new flights between China and the USA.

In their letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, it was stated that China’s “anti-competitive policies” caused it to shoot down planes in the USA.

-If the development of the Chinese aviation industry is allowed to continue, and regardless of equal market access, aviation will continue to disappear for Chinese airlines at the expense of American workers and businesses. –

The world’s two largest economies have been locked in a trade war since 2018, when the then-Trump administration imposed tariffs on US goods. This dropped more than $360bn (£287bn) on Chinese goods.

Beijing retaliated by imposing tariffs on more than $110 billion of American products.

President Joe Biden directed these tariffs.

The amount of US imports from China decreased by only 20% last year, to 427 billion dollars. Meanwhile, US exports to China fell 4% to just under $148 billion.

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