Putin warned the West on Wednesday that Russia was preparing its nuclear war

President Vladimir Putin warned the West on Wednesday that Russia was preparing its nuclear war agenda and that sending U.S. troops to Ukraine would be seen as an escalation of the war.

Putin said a few days before March that the elections to be held on 15-17 would allow him to stay in power for another year. He believes there is no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. .

71-year-old Putin told Rossiya-1, in response to the question of whether Russia is really ready for nuclear war, “From the point of view of military development, of course we are.” station and RIA news.

Putin said that the United States understands that if American troops are sent to Russian territory or Ukraine, Russia will consider this move as a violation. “(The United States) has enough experts on Russian-American relations and the prohibition of the ban,” Putin said.

“So I don’t think there is a rush to achieve everything (nuclear attack), but we are ready for it.”

War in Ukraine causes tension in relations. In the biggest crisis between Russia and the West since 1962 since the Cuban missile crisis, Putin has repeatedly warned that the West risks nuclear war if it sends troops to Ukraine.

Putin’s dispatch of thousands of troops to Ukraine in February 2022 sparked unrest in eastern Ukraine after eight years of Ukrainian conflict forces and the likes of Russian Ukrainians and Russian proxies.

Western leaders have vowed to defeat Russia in Ukraine, but after two years of war, Russian forces control a fifth of Ukrainian territory.

In the election year in the USA, the West is discussing how to support Kiev against Russia, which already has hundreds of thousands of soldiers and is increasing its support.

Kiev says it averted an imperial-style war of defeat aimed at eliminating its country. Russia claims that the region it controls in Ukraine now belongs to it.

Nuclear war?

Putin, who has the final say on Russia’s nuclear weapons issue, reiterated that the Kremlin has clearly stated its doctrine of using nuclear weapons and that its policy determines the conditions for Russia’s use of weapons.

Putin said, “There are weapons that can use these.” “We have our own principles.”

Russia and the United States are by far the largest nuclear powers and control more than 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons.

Putin said that Russia is ready for serious talks on the Ukraine issue.

Putin said: “Russia is ready to discuss Ukraine, but the discussion should be based on facts, not lust after the use of psychotropic drugs.

br> Reuters reported last month that Putin’s request was as follows : The proposal to freeze the war in Ukraine was rejected by the United States after being accepted by the military half.

If the United States conducts a nuclear test, Russia will do the same, he added. .

“There is no need. . . We still need to think about it, but I don’t think we can do it.”

CNN On Saturday, US administration President Joe Biden is particularly concerned about the possibility of Russia using tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons in Ukraine in 2022.

CNN said that US intelligence agencies have received information that there is an apparent connection with the words of Russian officials. nuclear weapons were discussed. The attack is in 2022.

But Putin said that Russia has no control over Ukraine, where conflict has been ongoing since February 2022 Zaman said he did not use nuclear weapons.

“Why do we have to use weapons? To mass destruction? There was never a need.”

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