Shifa hospital in Gaza is in ruins after two weeks of Israeli attacks

Shifa hospital in Gaza is in ruins after two weeks of Israeli attacks, they see them in the “hospital” with weapons and skills.

Hamas health center in Gaza said they left behind many bodies. Locals said the surrounding area had been leveled.

Israeli Defense Forces said they attacked Shifa because Hamas had regrouped there.

The attack consisted of intense fighting and Israeli air strikes on nearby buildings and the surrounding area. The Israel Defense Forces said the church was attacked because it was used as a base by Hamas and Palestinian Islamist jihadists.

In the photos taken after the evacuation, the adjacent buildings containing Şifa’s main operating room, intensive care unit and emergency room, general operating room and orthopedic clinic were demolished.

In the statement made by the Israeli Armed Forces, it was stated that the soldiers “completed the operation in the Şifa hospital area and evacuated the hospital.” He added that during the attack, the IDF “prevented attacks on civilians, endangering patients and medical teams.”

Palestinian media said that Mahmoud Bassal, Gaza Hamas’ civil defense lawyer, said that the Israeli Defense Forces “destroyed all the buildings”. Buildings and infrastructure in the complex.”

“It is difficult for us to count the dead because Israeli forces bulldozed the road and buried bodies in and around the al-Shifa complex,” he said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday evening He said Al-Shifa had become a “mecca of terrorists” after more than 200 Palestinian military personnel, including the elderly, were killed in IDF attacks and others were left behind.

World Health Organization (WHO) director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also said He said 21 patients had died since al-Shifa’s “imprisonment.” He said the patients had been moved several times and more than 100 had been confined to a “bad house” at the center without support or medical care.

Two weeks ago it took several hours for hundreds of Israeli soldiers to approach and enter the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip. This contrasts with their initial offensive in November, when it took several weeks for many tanks and vehicles backed by heavy weather to shut down.

For supporters of the Israeli military, this is a testament to its success in warfare and its effectiveness in hitting its enemies hard with terrorist attacks. An IDF spokesman had previously described the operation as “one of the successes of the current war” due to the intelligence gathered and the number of people killed and captured.

However, some commentators believe that the second Al Shifa raid shows the weakness of Israel’s military approach to the war. They believe this is an indication of the ease with which Hamas and Palestinian Islamic jihadist fighters were able to regroup following Israel’s withdrawal from northern Gaza and the urgent need to rebuild trust to control the region after the war.

Hospital in Gaza is the focal point of the current war; Thousands of Palestinians are taking shelter in their own land to escape Israeli bombardment and the site of Israeli military attacks because they say Hamas is the army.

Israel has long accused Hamas of using public health infrastructure as a cover to carry out its activities, a charge the Palestinian group denies.

Mr Netanyahu spoke before the hernia surgery was discovered during the autopsy on Sunday evening.

Earlier on Monday, his office said the operation had been completed and Mr. Netanyahu was “doing well and beginning to recover.”

His surgery came as thousands of Israelis joined protests against the new government in Jerusalem.

Protesters criticized the failure to release Israeli workers still detained in Gaza and called for new elections.

Mr. Netanyahu said he is working non-stop to return workers to their homes and that bowing to the protesters’ demands will only benefit Hamas.

According to Israeli statistics, the war began when Hamas forces attacked southern Israel on October 7, killing approximately 1,200 people and taking 253 hostages. Approximately 130 workers remain in custody, at least 34 of whom are estimated to have died.

Anti-Netanyahu protesters revive political divisions

On Sunday, seven journalists, including a freelance activist for the BBC, spoke out against Israeli attacks on Deir in central Gaza . Air strike targeting Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters on Al Aqsa Hospital in Balah.

The Israeli Defense Forces destroyed a building in central Gaza that was said to be used as a command center by the PIJ.

Israel Defense Forces announced that 4 members of Hamas-affiliated PIJ, who took part in the attack on October 7, were killed. < br>< More than 32,700 Palestinians have been killed and more than 75,000 injured in Gaza since Israel began its military offensive, according to the Hamas health ministry. It is stated that 70 percent of the victims were women and children.

The war also caused Palestinians living in Gaza to face severe hunger. A recent review of the UN-backed famine warning in Gaza led the UN high court to demand last week that Israel provide immediate aid “without being affected”.

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