Australia says it may recognize Palestinian state

The Eastern Australian opposition and the Zionist Federation of Australia said this move was premature.

Canberra has long said that recognition of the Palestinian state can only be achieved as part of a two-state solution with Israel.

But Ms Huang’s comments were echoed by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who said earlier this year that Britain could recognize a Palestinian state without Israel’s support.

The Australian government has expressed concerns about Hamas’ war in Gaza in recent months; this includes the death of an Australian aid worker and six others in an Israeli airstrike. While the aid workers were traveling in a van after receiving the supplies, the Israel Defense Forces said they were mistakenly identified as Hamas operatives and targeted.

In a speech on Tuesday night, Ms. Huang called the two-state solution, in which Israelis and Palestinians live side by side, “the only solution to break the endless cycle of violence.”

“The failure of all parties to embrace this approach for decades and the refusal of the Netanyahu government to even join a Palestinian state has caused great disappointment,” he said.

“The international community now sees the Palestinian state issue as a way to promote a two-state solution.”

br>Foreign Secretary Simon Birmingham said this was not such a move. received support, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s government threatened to “break with decades of bipartisan Australian foreign policy”.

“The Albanian government’s argument for the preliminary recognition of the Palestinian state, which prioritizes the state over security, will be seen as a victory by the terrorists with whom a dangerous conflict is currently taking place,” he said in a statement. .

Jeremy Leibler, president of the Zionist Federation of Australia, said any negotiations regarding recognition of the Palestinian state were “preliminary”.

“For any talk of statehood to be credible, Hamas must be destroyed and a new generation of Palestinian leadership must emerge that is non-violent, disapproves of violence, and recognizes the existence of Israel as a Jewish state. . ” she said.

However, Ms. Huang said that she was not told that recognizing the Palestinian state would be “a gift to the enemy”. “No”. Israel’s security Security depends on the two-state solution and Israel’s security. Recognition of the state He said it would help undermine and weaken Hamas.

About 140 countries recognize the state of Palestine, but many others, including the US, UK, Germany and Australia, do not.

This week the United States Nations will decide to give all members of the international organization to Palestine (now an “observer state”)

Gaza War, Israel’s response to the Gaza War October 7 Hamas kills nearly 1,200 people Hamas-run Ministry of Health’ More than 250 workers have been hired, according to the report. More than 33,000 Palestinians have died. Many parts of the region have been destroyed and many other Palestinians are on the verge of starvation.

Weeks of talks have failed to reach an agreement, but international tensions are rising.

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