Moscow concert attack: Islamic State releases body camera footage; ‘Very revealing’, netizens say

Islamic State group claims responsibility for massive attack on Moscow courthouse that killed at least 133 people, including one of the deceased

Moscow and Kiev on Saturday The US said jihadists They blamed each other for the conflict in Ukraine, despite acknowledging evidence supporting their involvement.

The message appeared on a Telegram account believed to be linked to Amaq, a news source linked to ISIS, according to Video Monitoring group SITE.

Meanwhile, another user said, “Planning first helps,” and added that terrorists use “technology first.”

Another netizen wrote: “So ISIS is really responsible for this heinous crime.”

AFP reported that the 90-second photo told many people that his face was blinded, his voice changed and he created a gun and a gun. The situation appears to be in the lobby of the Krokus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, northwest of Moscow.

The attackers were seen firing multiple weapons, and lifeless bodies were scattered at the scene.

In their statement on Saturday, they said that the attack took place in the “natural framework” of the ongoing war between the two countries, according to the Associated Press. Extremist groups and countries they accuse of attacking Islam.

The Islamic State (IS), an offshoot of Al Qaeda, gained significant control over parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014. During this time, it launched attacks and persecutions against Yazidis and other communities and minorities in northern Iraq. .

Although the US-led coalition had largely defeated ISIS in combat by 2018, the group remains in remote desert areas, hiding in Iraq and across the country. Additionally, ISIS affiliates are located in regions such as Afghanistan, West Africa and the Far East.

The United States issued a security alert to American citizens in Moscow on March 7 stating that it was monitoring terrorists for “possible plans to target major competition in Moscow,” including a concert, the Associated Press reported.

Putin condemned the US warning as an attempt to scare the Russians.

CNN was quoted by Russian state news agency TASS as saying that four people believed to be terrorists according to the Russia Committee have also been arrested and are currently being interrogated in Moscow.

Approximately five gunmen opened fire on the crowded Crocus City Hall, causing it to explode and reach its maximum capacity of 7,500 attendees. The brutal attack occurred just before a band was due to perform and caused widespread panic in the crowd.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now declared March 24 as a national day of mourning. “I declare March 24 as a national day of mourning,” he told the Russian people on the radio, according to TASS. The country’s president told the Russian people on the radio: “They are our people right now. They do the same thing. All masterminds and those responsible for this crime will inevitably be held responsible and pay the price. We will identify all those who support these evil people and they will pay the price. “This is an attack on Russia,” Putin said.

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