The Supreme Court rejected the apology sought by Patanjali ads case

The Supreme Court rejected for the second time the apology sought by Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurveda Chief Executive Officer Balkrishna in the misrepresentation

The hearing on the petition filed by the Indian Medical Association against fake advertisements continues.

The Supreme Court postponed the hearing to April 16.

Judge Hima Kohli said: “We are not satisfied with apologies.” response in case of disrespect.

Why did the court say that no case should be filed against Ramdev?

The hearing of both cases was held today, Wednesday.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday, in the second petition filed by Ramdev and Balakrishna, said: “We need not be generous.”

The Supreme Court is yet to punish the State of Uttarakhand. Action against fake ads of Patanjali.

The Court informed the Center that “The State has issued notice to the licensing authority Divya Pharmacy unless it acts in accordance with the law.”

At the end of the hearing, the High Court Ramdev and Balkrishna expressed their displeasure.

Hima Kohli and Judge Asanuddin Amanullah told Ramdev and Balkrishna: “You have to keep your word in the court, You have crossed all limits.”

The court also said: “Why did Patanjali Medical Center turn a blind eye when it loudly said that Allopathic medicine was not a cure for coronavirus?” How to close one eye?

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