Supreme Court clarifies once again: SBI is responsible for filing accounts

The Supreme Court on Friday announced the names of all cases of State Bank of India purchasing election certificates for political purposes from April 2019. The court said that the pressure not to disclose the accounts of donations was insufficient.

The five-judge Supreme Court issued a notice to SBI, seeking a response by Monday and said the bank was “duty” to provide the serial number of the contract to the ECI. the contract can be matched with the buyer.

The bench comprising Is India Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, Justice Sanjiv Khanna, B R Gavai, J B Pardiwala and Manoj Misra heard the ECI’s petition seeking defense from the court. April 2019 Two decisions regarding the return of documents in the Supreme Court registry, one of which was made between 12-2 November 2023. The court returns the documents in its list, they will be published on the website.

During the examination, on the request of the ECI, CJI Chandrachud pointed out that SBI did not give the account number to the ECI despite the court giving all the details.
< br> – In our decision we asked to clarify certain details of the contract with the buyer, the price and the date of purchase. They did not disclose the account number… You see our decision, all the details should be provided by the State Bank of India Finance,” the CJI said, referring to the order annulled on February 15 on the unconstitutional budget of the Election. He wanted to know if anyone had come forward on behalf of SBI.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan, appearing on behalf of the petitioner NGO Society for Democratic Reforms, said that SBI, in its application seeking more time, which was rejected on March 11, had said that it knew the number of votes etc. The data is in two different silos.

The bank Stating that he was not a party to the case and therefore no one came to the hearing, Chief Public Prosecutor Tushar Mehta asked the judge to report to SBI.

Mehta announced that he appeared on stage on behalf of the government, not on behalf of the bank. – SBI is not a political party. “They’re here because they’re exchanging applications,” he said, adding that the banks “will have something to say.” He said he wasn’t happy with the revenue not being disclosed, adding, “To be honest… we might object to what they’re announcing because they have to do it. … ” >
The board referred to the work instructions.

Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal, appearing on behalf of one of the petitioners, said, “This is an inclusive order… all elements must be included.
The Board then reported to the SBI and said: “The Election Act requires SBI to furnish to ECI full details of election certificates purchased and, as the case may be, by political party, including date of purchase, name of purchaser and date of purchase/redemption. .

  • “It is believed that SBI has not published the serial numbers of voter certificates. Directions to the Registrar to issue a notice to the SBI Notification will be sent back on Monday,” he said. The judge sent earlier said he had a feeling that the voter had copied the documents. He told the Registry Office to return the documents.
  • Person The Registrar of this Court (Decision) will ensure the verification and numbering of the documents sent by the ECI in accordance with the interim decision of the Court. This will be done by 17.00 tomorrow. Once this process is completed, the original will be sent back to ECI’s lawyer Amit Sharma, who will publish the document on ECI’s website. ” he said.

The judge said that a copy of the document should be given. Give it to the ECI Prosecutor’s Office.

In response to the panel’s order to provide detailed information on March 11, SBI on Tuesday decided to allow the purchase and repayment of the bonds. He informed the Supreme Court that he had provided the details of the contract to the ECI.

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