Defamation, fraud, slander: Supreme Court says Patanjali apologizes in false advertising case

The Supreme Court on Tuesday held Patanjali Ayurveda responsible for the failure and apologized, and also for spreading false claims promoting Ayurvedic products made an affidavit before the court disparaging modern medicine [Indian Medical Association & Anr v. Union of India and Ors].

Justices Hima Kohli and Ahsanuddin Amanullah were surprised by the statement of Patanjali’s media wing, which said that it was not aware that the court had directed the company to ban feeding the advertiser.

The above statement was made in the form of an apology letter issued by Patanjali President Acharya Balkrishna.

“If this is not possible, your apology is useless, it is a serious violation of your oath to the Supreme Court. You must check whether your promise is important. Deny that the media did not do this” I know what is going on in this court and that it is an island. This is such a fake service! …You have broken your innocent oaths. We don’t want to admit it, this is incredible! What are the reasons to accept your apology? Judge Colley commented.

“That’s a lie! You said “if the court thinks it’s waiting”…We can’t see your mind! This is not the way to solve the problem. Criticism. Some things, some situations, must have a reason. It is impossible to be generous! “Judge Amanullah added.

During the hearing, the judge added that Patanjali appeared guilty of perjury (lying to the court).

“You say that the file was added, but the file was created later. This is absolutely a lie! We will not close the door on you, but we will tell you everything we see,” said Associate Justice Leigh.

The bench also criticized the appearance of Patanjali founder Baba Ramdev in the news right after the Supreme Election. The court slammed Patanjali against fake advertisements warned.

The court was not impressed by Ramdev’s lawyer’s answer that the judge did not teach him a lesson. Public opinion is the same, they say they were well researched. “We generally do not pursue contempt cases to make people aware of the power of the law, but there are exceptions and you too may fall under that exception,” he said. Ramdev and Balkrishna were in court today, according to the court order on March 19.

The court personally heard the same today He made it clear that they disagreed and that they should be present at the next hearing. The case will be heard. On April 10, when Patanjali and its management were ordered to submit a better affidavit.

“…He also stated that the affidavit will be published today and that a better affidavit will be submitted.” He also said that it would be presented. One will still be charged. The court gave a time limit for filing the case and said that the case will be filed within a week.

Speaking to Senior Advocate Balbir Singh, representing Baba Ramdev today, the court continued as follows:

“Our aim is to pass the law Protect your faith in this Constitution. It is our last chance because we trusted you.”

Patanjali was represented by senior lawyer Vipin Sanghi, who said that Patanjali’s activities are not just commercial. However, this situation was not supported by the court.

“This is a business organization,” Judge Colley replied.

Judge Amanullah added, “Do not say that you are working for the public good, the common good or anything else.”

Judge Amanullah added, “Do not say that you are working for the public good, the common good or anything else.”

Judge Amanullah added, “Do not say that you are working for the public good, the common good or anything else.”

Senior lawyer PS Patwalia appeared on behalf of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), which filed a case against Patanjali.

“They blame the media. They show a child and say let’s treat him! ” Patwalia said today.

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