Shooting attack in Finland – A child died and two people were injured

Shooting attack in Finland: A child died and two people were injured in a shooting attack at a school in Vantaa. Police said that a child died and two children were seriously injured in a shooting attack at a school in Finland.

They previously said that three victims were 12 years old and a suspect, also 12 years old, was arrested.

Parents told Finnish media that the attack took place in a school classroom in the town of Viertola, north of Helsinki.

Police said they responded to the incident at 09:08 (06:08 GMT) and told residents to stay in their homes.

Like other Finnish schools, it went to Vantaa, north of the city of Helsinki, for lessons after the children had just returned from the long Easter break.

The suspect fled after the shooting and was eventually arrested “peacefully” outside a local school, police said. Water north of Helsinki. They added that he was carrying the gun given to him.

Children were asked to stay in class after the attack, according to public broadcaster YLE.

Prime Minister Petteri Orpo described the attack as extremely disturbing and said his thoughts were with the victims and their families, as well as everyone at the school.

Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland with a population of approximately 240,000.

Viertola School has 800 primary and secondary students aged between 7 and 16 in two different locations and has approximately 90 employees. The attack took place at Jokiranta school, where students aged 9 to 13 were educated.

Police first announced that those involved in the incident were 13 years old, but later reduced this age to 12.

Although the building where the incident took place was still locked, parents gathered at the school to pick up their children when news of the attack broke.

There were two armed attacks within a few months in Finland between 2007 and 2008.

In 2007, an 18-year-old student killed 6 students, a school nurse and teacher in a small town. Look for it, north of Helsinki. and a teacher who used a semiautomatic weapon at a polytechnic in the western town of Kauhajoki.

The shooting led to stricter gun laws requiring gun owners to be 18 or older, but anyone over 15 can apply for a license to use someone else’s gun.

Finland is known for its hunters and gun enthusiasts, with 430,000 gun owners out of a population of 5.5 million, according to government statistics. There is no limit on the number of guns that can be owned, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs says there are more than 1.5 million guns in circulation.

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