Elon Musk said that social media platform X will pay legal fees

Elon Musk said that social media platform X will pay legal fees and will then file lawsuits against individuals who have been wronged by their employers for sharing or liking certain content on the site known as Twitter.

Musk announced on Saturday night X day, “If you have been unfairly treated by your employer because you shared or liked something on this platform, we will help cover your legal costs,” and again announced that there will be no Money limit for the Platform. invoice.

After responding to the response that nothing could change the US attitude pattern faster, Musk said, “We will not just sue, we will be very popular and go after the leaders of these companies.” on the threat of legal action.
Last month, Musk said that X had reached a “new high” in monthly user numbers and shared a report showing it has more than 540 million new users.

The numbers came as the company restructured the organization and sought to increase its declining advertising revenues.

is the latest in comments that X leaders have requested high usage since Meta Platforms launched Threads on July 5th.

17 years later, the blue bird symbol has gradually become a symbol, to spread the idea around the world, billionaire Musk renamed Twitter X and created a new logo when The July focused on the “everything” app.

Musk said in early July that the platform’s revenue was still weak due to a nearly 50% drop in ad revenue and heavy spending.
In June, the expected increase in advertising revenues could not be achieved.

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